Adding a datasource to XMLA.

Adding a datasource to XMLA.

Menu Tools->Data Sources.

Press the button 'New data source configuration' and we must answer the next information.

-A) Data source Name. All data source require a unique name. In this example 'XMLA FoodMart'.

-B) Description. We can indicate a short description of datasource:.

-C) Connection information.

  1. Connection Type: XMLA.

  1. Data Base: In XMLA connection isn´t neccesary.

  2. URL: http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmla on the example:

  3. User and password: Important this data must be stored unencrypted.

-D) Schemas. Press the '+' symbol.The XMLA client try to connect to the XMLA server and ask for the availables catalogs adding it automatically. This can spend a few time. In the example it will add two catalogs: 'FoodMart' y 'FoodMart2'.